Edmonstone Suite, Old Town, 250 metres from Edinburgh Castle



There are three options to get from Edinburgh airport to the city centre, all take approx 30-35 minutes. The main rail station Waverley is approx 500 metres from the apt.

1. Edinburgh trams, approx every 8-10 mins (Sunday 12-15 mins), right outside terminal, the nearest drop off point for the apt is the Princes St stop which is approx 650 metres away. Cost 8.50 pounds for adults and 4.50 pounds for children for a RETURN journey.

2. Airport express bus, every 15 minutes right outside terminal building, drop off point on Waverley Bridge approx 500 metres from the apt. Costs 7.50 pounds per person for a RETURN journey.

3. Taxi, many can be found right outside the terminal building and will cost 15 - 20 pounds for a one way journey. However a taxi will drop you off right outside the property you have booked.


Street parking is enforced Mon Sat 08:00 - 18:30, it is expensive and inflexible as you can only stay in one spot for a few hours.

There are many city centre car parks to choose from, you can use these for a short time or full days which cost approx 16 pounds or more or enter the postcode of the property you have booked into this website http://www.parkopedia.co.uk/

Alternatively if you do not plan your use your car much, (Edinburgh is a relatively small city centre and is much better explored on foot), leave your car in a well lit residential street outside the restricted city centre, the whole operation should take approx 30 minutes. Alternatively, the return journey in a taxi from an unrestricted area (approx 2.5 km) would be less than one days parking charges. Information on the best areas for this can be provided.

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Facilities and amenities

Property facilities
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Linen provided
  • Bath towels provided
  • Bedding provided
  • Cot/ Travel cot
  • High chair
  • Iron / Ironing board
  • Washing machine
  • DVD player
  • Radio
  • CD player
  • TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet access
  • Wifi
  • Pets not allowed
Nearby amenities and recreation
  • Shops
  • Supermarket
  • Express supermarket
  • Bar / Pub
  • Restaurants
  • Nightclub
  • Museum
  • Theatre


30 May 2019

Review via Feefo.com


size was big enough, location was nice



30 Mar 2019

Review via Feefo.com


Rude, nasty, unhelpful manager who refused to deal with the issues raised about the property we had the misfortune to stay in over the xmas period. Despite sending a huge number of photos to him clearly showing the poor state of the apartment and how disgustingly dirty it was, he insisted the property was clean and refused to look into the issues raised or even address the problem with his cleaners. He accused me of just trying to get a refund which I did not once mention or ask for. I advised that if he was unwilling acknowledge and take action to rectify the problems with the apartment I would be warning other potential holiday makers via a review as I was so disappointed and I wouldn't want someone else to experience what we did, especially at what was supposed to be a wonderful xmas break for our family.


Unfortunately we had to be moved from the property we originally booked due to unexpected problems. As ECS only had two other properties available we were placed in the Edmonstone 'Suite' which we were told was the better of the two....I dread to think what the state of the other option was as this place was the worst place I have ever had the misfortune of staying in and it completely ruined what was supposed to be a wonderful family xmas break in Edinburgh. I'm not sure where to start as there was so many horrors so I will simply list them; * Thick black mould on the kitchen wall, causing a major health hazard (if you look closely their own photos you can see where they have tried to hide the black mould at the bottom of the wall by strategically placing the table). * Built up dirt and stains all around the kitchen unit bases, dried spillages in the kitchen cupboards, built up dirt and grime in the dishwasher, drip marks all over the kitchen drawer frontages - it literally looked like it had never been wiped down with a dishcloth! * Poorly equipped kitchen - very limited cutlery (only 3 teaspoons) but they did leave us a few bits of white plastic cutlery to top it up (yes seriously!), washing up liquid but no dishcloth or sponge. * Broken grouting around the toilet base tiles, exceptionally unhygienic and the thought of other peoples built up urine turned my stomach! * Built up grime, dirt and hair in the corners of both the bathroom and en-suite - I cleaned one corner with a baby wipe up and the grime I got up was so disgusting, I took before and after photos. * Built up grime on the doorway carpet bars. * Someone else's dirty socks under the sofa! * A lump of dried up food under the other sofa (which had been there so long it was virtually welded to the floor). Totally disgusting. * Ominous white stains on the navy sofa, meant we used only the grey sofa (which was very uncomfortable and needed the pillows from the bedrooms) * Layers of dust on the skirting boards and the radiators * Continuous smell of cigarette smoke coming into the apartment where people stood in the communal doorway smoking. This also meant we never got to use the front door and had to come and go via the lounge patio doors as there were always groups stood smoking in our way. * Very little natural light in the apartment. The photos of the lounge are deceiving as due to having the smokers stood in the communal doorway which is next door to the lounge patio doors, they literally stand smoking and looking in at you the whole time so we had to keep the curtains shut. The window the other side wasn't much better as again you had smokers sat in a very grotty, courtyard smoking - I took a photo of the view as I felt like we were in Beirut it was was that bad! Both sides had cigarette buts littered all over the floor - clearly no one clears them up or empties the cigarette disposal bins as these were over-flowing throughout our stay. * Large stains on the carpet in the master bedroom. * Someones dirty socks under one of the beds in the second bedroom. * The furniture inside the apartment is old, tatty, of very poor quality and in desperate need of updating (take a look at the old big-backed tv in the master bedroom pic, it gives a good indication of how old and tatty everything is). Aside from the terrible standards inside the flat, it is situated in a grotty poorly maintained block of flats at the back of a restaurant. When you arrive it gives you a good idea of what to expect as the whole area is dirty, with green stains down the walls, windows covered with old newspapers or filthy curtains and cigarette buts strewn all over the floor, with groups of people always stood outside and in the communal doorway smoking. The fact we never got to use our front door was a joke! I took photos to evidence all of the above and sent them to the owner to raise my concerns and let him know his cleaners were not doing their job. I was absolutely shocked to receive an abusive email back basically calling me a liar because they have a score of 8.9 on their reviews for cleanliness! I did respond advising that he had clearly chosen to ignore the photos I had sent him as they speak for themselves (I've shown them to friends & family who were shocked) and in regards to previous reviews, either those people had exceptionally low expectations or the cleaners have slacked off for the last six months and cleanliness standards have dropped dramatically. I advised him that as a business owner he should ensure these issues are dealt with (and better cleaners employed) to ensure future holidaymakers do not have the horrific experience we did, but he chose to ignore my further communication so I've had no option than to warn people myself. My young son has asthma and the black mould and high levels of dirt and dust really aggravated his condition when we were in the flat so we stayed out as much as possible and ended up cutting our break short (leaving immediately after Xmas) as we couldn't bear to stay in this disgusting, dark, dingy and unhygienic place any longer. We wasted a lot of money on a flat which ruined our xmas, so whilst I would recommend Edinburgh as an amazing place to visit, I would strongly advise you book with an alternate accommodation provider - there are many to choose from, offering better standards of accommodation for a lot less money."

31 Jul 2018

Review via Feefo.com


Location of property is excellent. Comfort and upkeep of property is also excellent. Response to questions and requests sent to staff is prompt and professional. The small drawback was occasional noise from nearby restaurant and passers-by in the close, typically on the weekend evenings.


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